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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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THE BJtoHi-STOHi-tflDHI.                                         205

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srarr :g^tf ira 3 HTW ti^irosraiRi a
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1.    " Hail to the iome of Ynslia-bhaiiii's daughter by whom once and again
Madhtt-stidan — -whose ways are scarce intelligible to the greatest sages—
was made happy, as she playfully raised the border of her robe and fanned him
with its delicious breeze.
2.    " Hail to the majesty of Yrisha-'bhaiiTi's daughter, iihe holy dost of whose
lotus feet, beyond the conception of Brahma,, Si?a and the other gods? is alto-
gether snpernatEraily gloriooSj and whose glance moistened with compassion
is like a shower of the refined essence of ail good things.
3.    K I cafl to mind the dust of the feet of Badhika3 a powder of infinite
virtue, that incontinently and at once reduces to subjection the great power, ihat
was beyond the ken even of Brahma, Rudra, Subidevaj Karada, Bhishma and
the other divine personages,
4.    " I call to mind the dust of the feet of Badhika, which the noble milk-
maids placed Epoa their head and so attained an honour much desired by the